Clinical Studies



Clinical Study

Performed at NorthStar Neurology PC
Tucson, AZ 85741

At the max use dose (equivalent to 4 soft chews supplying 200 mg of magnesium) – a recent clinical trial has demonstrated the *efficacy and effectiveness of our revolutionary, patent-pending, HempMag COOLDOWNTM supplement to reduce pain, gently calm and soothe tension, and promote an overall greater sense of well-being. A General Well-Being Survey was given to participants before after taking HempMag COOLDOWNTM.

Study participants reported the following:

Participant 1 — Veteran Special Forces U.S. Army Medic (40 yr old male)

“having no muscle tension, I can feel at this moment” (having previously reported neck tightness).

feeling “better, calm, and clear-headed”


In response to the question, “After taking the supplement, do you feel more calm and relaxed? Yes or No?” “Yes, almost immediately. It was like in medication.”



Participant 2 — a Veteran of the U.S. Army (48 yr old male)

“I feel completely calm. No stress. Focus seems to be a lot better”.

“no pain, left shoulder injury/inflammation is no longer there after taking supplement”

“my shoulders and neck are no longer tense or sore. I don’t not feel like I have been beaten up. They are relaxed.”

“overall sensation is good/great. I feel like I can take on the world”.


Participant 3 — 45 yr old registered nurse (female)

“shoulders feel better. My shoulders always feel tight, so I can tell the difference”



Participant 4 — 59 yr old (male)

“My back pain has been greatly reduced from 30% to 15%.”

“acted as a mildly sedative without tiredness or cognitive reduction.”



Participant 5 — 47 yr old (female)

“I noticed I was more focused and clear-headed”

“Might be psychological, but I feel better.”