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Pure Ingredients

Flavor and taste made with
delicious organic tropical fruits
Hempmag Organic Ingredients

Great Antioxidants

Vital nutrients for
optimal effect
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Hemp Oils

Highest quality organic hemp
oils used

Whole Food Organic Hemp Oil

HempMag uses premium organic hemp oil sourced from Europe for unsurpassed quality and purity, and maximum consumer benefit.

Magnesium Enhanced

Magnesium promotes balance in the body’s primary neurotransmitter systems. Your body’s “feel-good”, pleasure chemicals – endorphins, oxytocin, GABA, serotonin, and dopamine – ALL need sufficient magnesium for their optimal functioning.

Fast Acting!

Rapid Delivery Technology that accelerates and boosts small-molecule uptake with up to 2-3 times greater absorption than traditional delivery forms.

Makes my day very productive. Gives me a boost of energy.


I immediately reach for my HempMag Focus chew when I'm lacking attention


would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality CBD product.


I’m a very anxious person and I took two of the Calm chews to calm me down and it worked within 10 minutes!!! I also had a really good and deep sleep and I never have good sleep


I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great product.

Phil N.

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The HempMag™ product suite is a revolutionary dietary supplement designed to improve mood, focus, alertness, and working memory, a healthy immune and inflammatory response, while providing a calming effect on the brain and nervous system. Featuring supercritical CO2-extracted organic European hemp oil with highly-bioavailable magnesium in a synergistic base of foundational neurosupportive nutrients.


Available with ingredients that are: Organic • Non-Gmo • Vegan • Gluten Free • No Soy • No Artificial Flavors • No Artificial Colors

hempmag calm soothe away tension supporting calming hemp softchew ultrachews

CALM – Cranapple, Grape


Reduces Stress and Gently Soothes Away Tension

SUPER IMMUNITY – Blueberry, Grape


Supports a Healthy Immune Response

COOLDOWN – Chocolate


Support a Healthy Inflammatory Response

FOCUS – Pineapple Cherry


Improves Mental Alertness

MOOD – Tropical Fruit


Promotes a Healthy Mood

HempMag Set of 5


  Buy all 5 Clinical-Grade Formulations and save!

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