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The Power of Synergy

The Power of Synergy

In nature – vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients function interdependently in a complex association with one another.  Just like human cooperation (and synergy), nutrients also work better when they work together to accomplish various functions and tasks.


A classic example is vitamin D.  To properly utilize and activate vitamin D, so it can do all of its many important biological functions, the body requires sufficient magnesium. When magnesium is deficient, vitamin D levels can remain low (and deficient) in spite of adequate intake. This holds true for virtually all vitamins, which require one or more minerals for their proper function, utilization, and activation in the body.


Another classic example is the “morale vitamin” thiamine (vitamin B1) which also requires sufficient magnesium for its proper use and function in the body. It’s been estimated that approximately 70% of the population is deficient in magnesium, which plays a central role in the body’s utilization of calcium, potassium, vitamin B1, B6, and vitamin D.


Which brings us to the concept of nutrient “synergy” or “synergism” – the driving force behind our line of high-performance brain and nutrition supplements.


Each 2-chew serving contains the following synergistic nutrients:

  • Organic European Hemp Oil Extract
  • Magnesium (malate, taurinate) – for optimal brain performance, and metabolic health
  • Chromium (polynicotinate) – for enhanced energy, mood, & blood-sugar regulation
  • B-complex – for improved cognitive function and mental clarity
  • Taurine – for optimal brain performance, and powerful antioxidant properties


Each of our 5 specialized HempMag formulations provides two highly-bioavailable forms of magnesium: malate and taurinate. In addition to being well-absorbed sources of magnesium, these forms provide: malic acid, an organic acid that fuels our Krebs Cycle and helps to remove aluminum from the body, and taurine, a calming, neuroprotective, antioxidant amino acid.


With our unique, patent-pending blend of nutrients – ALL of our supplements provide the same core elements, which work together in perfect biological synergy to promote optimal brain function and a sense of greater vitality and well-being. These 11 core elements, which include organic hemp oil extract, organic magnesium, organic chromium, taurine, and seven B-vitamins are further enhanced with additional synergistic nutrients specifically chosen for their scientifically validated benefits. For example, boron is added to our FOCUS formula for its ability to improve focus and alertness, and selenium and molybdenum are added to our COOLDOWN formula for their powerful antioxidant benefits.


If you’re new to nutritional supplementation – or are a well-versed pro – I recommend starting with a well-balanced, multi-nutrient supplement that uses doses on the lower end of the spectrum, and focuses on carefully-crafted nutrient synergy rather than mega-doses as featured in our HempMag line of high-performance brain supplements:


HempMag MOOD – for improved energy, mood, and well-being.

HempMag CALM – for greater calmness and relaxation.

HempMag FOCUS – for improved focus, alertness, and concentration.

HempMag COOLDOWN – for improved well-being, and inflammatory balance.

HempMag SUPER IMMUNITY – for powerful immune support.



We view this as a sacred mission to serve the world with products that strengthen and provide nutritional support at the deepest level.  Based in irrefutable science and grounded in nature — our products embody the values of our company — with unsurpassed quality, safety and effectiveness. Designed to provide our customers with profound nourishment while promoting a greater sense of vitality and well-being.


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