The Mouth is a Virtual Sponge for Small-Molecule Nutrients

Summary table comparing the different routes/forms of nutrient absorption, and how quickly they go to work to produce their beneficial and intended effects in the body.


           Route/Form of Delivery                                        Site of Absorption        Therapeutic Onset  
                IV injection, Inhalation                     Blood, Lungs                     2-10 sec
                         Soft Chew                     Oral Mucosa                     2-30 sec
                     Tablet, Capsule                Stomach, Intestines                     5-45 min


As the table shows, if you want to get a small-molecule nutrient or drug into your body FAST – to produce its intended benefits (short of IV injection/inhalation) – the best way is to CHEW it!


Simply put – the mouth is a virtual sponge for neutral, small-molecule nutrients.  The process of chewing exposes a large surface of the oral cavity to the small-molecule ingredients – allowing for immediate uptake into the bloodstream.


It’s as God and nature intended it.  The act of chewing promotes the immediate absorption of vital, life-giving nutrients into our bodies.


Hundreds of different small-molecule nutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) are absorbed directly into our bloodstream through the highly vascularized oral mucosa of the mouth.


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