Chromium – A natural mood-boosting, trace element you may be missing

One of the central nutrients in our HempMag line of high-performance brain supplements is the essential trace element, chromium.


We all know that fresh whole foods, exercise, sunlight, and clean air and water help us to feel our best, but there are some other elements on the smaller side, such as the essential trace element chromium, which play an important role in also nourishing our bodies from head to toe, and keeping our brain and nervous system running smooth and strong.  I refer to these elements as “feel good nutrients” due to their positive effects on energy, mood, and cognition, and their strengthening effect on the brain and nervous system.


There are a number of them including vitamin C, B-complex, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and iodine, but today I want to focus on one that’s not usually associated with healthy brain function, and that’s chromium.


Chromium is a natural mood and cognitive-booster

In a 2000 case study of chromium supplementation in eight patients with refractory mood disorders, all described “dramatic improvements in their symptoms and functioning”.


Areas of particular benefit included: disappearance of food cravings, an increase in energy, improvement in concentration and cognition, and better sleep.


As an essential trace element and “brain nutrient”, chromium plays an important role in monoamine neurotransmitter systems (e.g. serotonin), insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation, amino acid utilization, and the body’s response to stress.


Symptoms of chromium deficiency (or suboptimal intake) include:
  • Low energy
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Sensitivity to stress
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Food cravings


Diets high in carbohydrates and refined sugars are believed to increase chromium loss from the body. They increase our chromium requirement by promoting large amounts of insulin to be released, which mobilizes chromium and other water-soluble nutrients (e.g. magnesium and B-vitamins), increasing your need for these important elements.


Organic forms of the essential trace element (e.g. niacin-bound chromium) such as contained in our HempMag line of high-performance brain supplements provide a small, but beneficial dose of organic chromium, which has been shown to promote a healthy mood and reduce symptoms of stress.


Our Mission

We view this as a sacred mission to serve the world with products that strengthen and provide nutritional support at the deepest level.  Based on irrefutable science and grounded in nature — our products embody the values of our company — with unsurpassed quality, safety and effectiveness. Designed to provide our customers with profound nourishment while promoting a greater sense of vitality and well-being.


Nutrition You Can Feel

With our patent-pending, proprietary blend of “feel-good, brain nutrients“, ALL of our supplements provide the same core, “feel-good” elements, which promote a sense of greater well-being.


These “core nutrients”, which include organic hemp oil extract, magnesium (malate, taurinate), niacin-bound chromium, and seven B-vitamins are further enhanced with key synergistic nutrients specifically chosen for their scientifically validated benefits.  For example, boron is added to our FOCUS formula for its ability to improve focus and alertness, and selenium is added to our COOLDOWN formula for its powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory benefits.

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